Camping Village Le Esperidi


The high quality of our environmental policy is the result of continued commitment and updating that have led the Camping Village e Esperidi to be the unique company of the tourism sector in Tuscany in having been awarded the Ecolabel brand as well, granted by the European Community, in recognition of our focus and respect for the environment.

Completely surrounded by the green of the pinewood, Camping Village Le Esperidi has always had a particular attention for the lushness and beauty of nature that hosts us. And it is exactly this precious resource that frames the holydays of our guests, offering moments of total wellness.

With a responsible behavior and a constant effort Camping Village Le Esperidi has always aimed to preserve the Environment with the purpose of letting him intact for the future.

That’s why every day we choose to rely on sustainable energy sources, to reduce water consumption, to avoid the use of products bad at environment and at health, to process the collection and disposal of recycling-waste, always opting for the solution with the least possible impact on the environment around us.
The use of 100% clean energy, as well as an ethical choice, is an important contribution to the reduction of pollution in the area and for the development of renewable energy in the surrounding area.

Our willingness to improve, has meant that we have been among the firsts installing the BIFIPRO system, an innovative technology which prevents legionella without using chemicals and without waste of natural resources.