Camping Village Le Esperidi

The name of our Camping Village is inspired by the garden of the Hesperides in Greek mythology, a place where the gods loved to go to appreciate the beauty of nature, enveloped in an atmosphere of calm, soothed by the sound of the waves and the gentle song of birds…
…it seems to be an idyllic image but that is exactly what welcomes our guests and accompanies them during their holydays.


The only rules that we ask you to follow are intended to protect the environment and the relaxation that we want to offer to all our guests.… For the rest, absolute freedom!
Each guest can choose the solution that best suits their needs: The luxury of freedom that we want to give you is the ability to experience the perfect holiday every day, without constraints or obligations, lying in the sun on the beach or enjoying the shade of the pine forest, practicing sport in our facilities and following the proposals of our entertainment team or taking a complete rest, without the need to respect a schedule. Last but not least, you can have the opportunity to taste our excellent local products.

We guarantee you the luxury of FREEDOM OF CHOICE!


We have always believed in the quality of services that we provide, in its declaration and validity. We have always guaranteed our guests a high level of quality through a series of strict, periodic checks, synonymous with the authentication of values of truthfulness and trustworthiness by specific entities.

These tests allow us to continue to offer our guests the luxury of certified quality: what we promise is insured and guaranteed by Certiquality, an important body for the certification of management systems in quality, environment, safety and product certification. We are currently one of the few companies in Tuscany that can boast ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, consisting of a set of rules and guidelines that define the establishment and organization of a quality system, preserving and protecting the surrounding area.

Customers and their satisfaction are, however, at the center of these certifications. Each activity, implementation and monitoring of initiatives and procedures performed in our facility is designed to determine the maximum satisfaction of our guests and their needs, in full respect of the environment.