Camping Village Le Esperidi

This route winds through the province of Livorno, strays into the hinterland of Pisa, from the Colline Metallifere and ends at the island of Elba.
Along this stretch of the Etruscan Coast, with forays inland from Pisa for the Montescudaio DOC, some of the most prestigious Italian and Tuscan wines are produced. Let’s talk about wines like Ornellaia and Sassicaia and many other prestigious products such as those of the Guado al Tasso, the Biserno and the Val di Cornia.

Lovers of the nectar of the gods can follow a path marked by a succession of different geographical areas with similar characteristics, which can be divided into four production areas:
• Bolgheri Doc
• The Elba Doc area
• The area of Montescudaio
• The Val di Cornia Doc production area.

The entire route leads to the discovery of a land rich in natural resources, with the sea, the islands, lush vegetation, carefully cultivated crops that produce typical products of great quality, but also an area rich in history and culture and beautiful to visit to be enjoyed in every aspect.

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